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Jaws and Paws is a non-profit organization that aims to protect endangered species, re-home neglected or abused animals, and provide sanctuary for wolves/wolf-dogs.

Our international efforts involve working to diminish global consumption of wildlife products and raise local support for endangered species/animal rights. Our regional efforts involve rescuing dogs, cats, and captive wildlife from city shelters and unfavorable living conditions.

For our domestic rescues, we focus on rehabilitation and medical treatment so we can find them forever homes via our adoption program. The exotic animals we rescue are either returned to the wild or live out their days in a sanctuary if release isn’t an option.

Jaws and Paws aims to increase awareness for the environment, and animal rights worldwide through education, field research, campaigning, and legal action. We also extend aid and collaborate with other organizations with aligned missions to make a bigger impact. Our ultimate goal is to continue to protect animals while encouraging future generations’ involvement in environmental protection.

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