Our Methods


rescue missions

Whether we are rescuing endangered species who have been bred in captivity and mistreated; or domestic animals from inhumane situations; saving animals and placing them in proper homes/sanctuaries is a priority for us at Jaws and Paws.


As we aim to educate future generations about the importance of protecting the environment; we teach programs in schools, camps, and facilitate social media campaigns to target younger demographics. We offer seminars for any business, organization, school etc. on the following (Ocean Pollution, Wolf Conservation/Ecology, Illegal Wildlife Trade, and Dog/Cat Rescue). If you are interested in having us come speak you can email admin@jawspaws.org


Partnerships and events

Through collaborations with other organizations/foundations, we raise money and have events to support conservation and education. (Relief fund for Hurricane Harvey victims and animals, annual shoe drive with Boys and Girls Club to provide shoes for kids in need, raising money to build compounds for abused wolves at various wolf sanctuaries.)


scientific Research

Research involves tagging marine animals, monitoring populations, determining conservation solutions, recording data, and other efforts that will help us understand how to make a difference for endangered animals. Both founders have been active in marine organism tagging, marine/aquatic research in fish ecology, husbandry in research facilities, underwater marine observational studies, data collecting, and more. Research is essential to the well-being of endangered species because by understanding why or how rapidly populations are declining we can begin to solve the extinction crisis.