Argentinian Campaigners Asking for Legal Help with Jaguar Conservation


‘Argentina’s supreme court has been asked to recognize the legal rights of the South American jaguar, of which fewer than 20 individuals remain alive in the country’s Gran Chaco region.

The largest cat in the Americas once roamed the continent as far north as the Grand Canyon, but is now in decline across the entire western hemisphere.’

The South American jaguar is currently on the brink of extinction, and campaigners are looking for the court system to help save this animal. Over the past 35 years, the Gran Chaco region has lost about 30m acres of land due to soy plantations and cattle ranches. With less than 250 jaguars left in the country, and less than 20 in that specific region, lawyers representing Greenpeace Argentina argue that the supreme court should recognize the legal rights of the entire species.

Cam Fairfax