Axolotls are in danger of going extinct. Axolotls are salamanders also known as “Mexican

walking monsters.” One of their amazing characteristics - aside from their monster like features -

is their ability to regenerate. When humans are injured, the body forms scar tissue on the

damaged site. When an axolotl is injured, they transform nearby cells to stem cells forming

bones, skin, and veins in their exact original state. Although they are wildly distributed around

the world in pet stores and research labs, they are listed as endangered species. Their natural

habitat is located in Lake Xochimilco near Mexico City, where pollution and government

interference threatens their survival. Luckily conservation projects for these species are

underway. Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas y Acuicolas de Cuemanco (CIBAC) overlooks

an axolotl open-air breeding ground that breeds and releases axolotls into the wild.





Cam Fairfax