Persian Cat Rescue


So delighted to announce we successfully placed 11 Persian cats and kittens to new homes. These angels came from a hoarding situation, and now are happily thriving with their new furever families. We want to thank everybody who helped us! PLEASE remember when you’re looking to get a dog or cat that it’s always better to adopt or rescue. Interbreeding can be incredibly cruel and the consequences of it can cause so many defects and issues in dog and cat breeds. A lot of these cats were bred for being “best in show”, and the more scrunched faces with large eyes and a shorter distance between the nose and eyes would always win. These cats were bred over 50 years for these traits, causing them to have blindness and sinus issues. Some of their faces were so flat they couldn’t even drink water without almost drowning. Of course not all breeders do this, but why buy and supply the demand for breeders when there’s millions of angels who don’t have homes!? #ADOPTDONTSHOP!

Cam Fairfax