Wolf Hybrid 'Nickel' Rescued from Hostile Environment

Our team at Jaws and Paws heard about Nickel through the wolf-hybrid network. The man who had him is a well known breeder/hoarder who is in the process of being shut down by authorities. We heard that one of this man’s animals, an older wolf-hybrid, needed vetting and rescuing. We drove up to Stockton, California to look into the situation and found Nickel dehydrated and bleeding from an open wound on his neck. When we approached the yard where Nickel was kept, we saw the breeder hitting him fiercely. Nickel was kept in a dingy and dusty tiny yard, with no food or water in over 100 degree weather. Luckily, the breeder cooperated and agreed to let us provide sanctuary for his hybrid. Nickel was so terrified he wouldn’t let us near him in the slightest. We rushed him straight to the emergency vet to get his wound cleaned. Since Nickel was also covered in fleas and incredibly anemic, our vet made sure to give him a ‘capstar’ (pill for dogs with flea/tick/other infestation) to kill all fleas and ticks on his body. After getting vetted, we brought him to our facility to let him rest. For days, our team sat with him, fed him, kept him company, and monitored his behavior. After many days, Nickel finally started to open up. He’s now an incredibly loving animal, and his wounds are healed. Your donations help us save lives like that of Nickel our beloved new wolf-hybrid.

Cam Fairfax