Anjali Ranadive - CEO & Founder

Anjali Ranadive (also known as Nani) is an environmentalist and artist who studied Marine Science and Conservation & Resource Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. She founded Jaws and Paws in her senior year of college. Anjali won the Paul Walker Ocean Leadership Award in 2015 for her feats in shark conservation, and has been an avid advocate for marine life since she was a young girl volunteering at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and interning at the Ocean Project of Hawaii. More recently, Anjali has been promoting a campaign for the protection of wolves in the U.S., and rescuing wolf hybrids from unsavory captive living conditions. Anjali is also a Board Member of Animal Tracks, an organization provides sanctuary for exotic animals who can't return to the wild.

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Deborah Addicott - board advisor

Ms. Addicott was born in San Diego, California, of a military family. Since Navy bases were near the coasts where her family resided, she was blessed with the influence of the oceans and learned all about marine life from a very early age. Deborah moved to Puerto Rico for 3 years when she was very young, and her passion for the ocean grew from patiently waiting on the shore for her brothers and parents to swim back to her with treasures from the sea (conch shells, crabs, shells, etc.) When she returned to San Diego she learned how to swim and began spending a lot of time in the ocean, causing her to learn about conservation and cleanliness of the ocean as she began to see how pollution could have awful effects on marine life. Ms. Addicott was always devastated that people could be so careless with the ocean. She later moved to Monterey and continued to learn from her family about respecting marine life, causing her to always hold the ocean in her heart throughout her life. Deborah’s love for animals grew from her upbringing on a farm where she learned about the importance of sustainability, farming, and even veterinary practice. Deborah’s farm was mostly self-sustaining and organic, and her environment taught her to be conscious about the balance of nature. In years to come, she was always able to bring that into her nursing career as well as her philanthropy. Her contributions in recent years have gone to Stanford Children’s Hospital, professorships and child tumor research, as well as College Track and the Children’s Health counsel. Deborah is a firm believer in harnessing the youth with care and knowledge for a better future. Her passion has always truly been for children education and cancer treatment cures. She is delighted to support Jaws & Paws because she is able to encompass her love for children, animals, and the environment in her work.